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BENEFIX, an AveNew Solutions company, is on the front lines of getting America back to work and helping struggling organizations thrive in this challenging environment. While there are many insurance brokers in the market space, we are different – really different.


First, our co-founder, Rick Bender, has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He walked away from a heralded position as the head of national underwriting for one of America’s largest insurance companies, where he received the coveted award of being #1 in the nation. But after 20 years he just couldn’t take it any more when his efforts to deliver real value to clients – without the exploitation that insurance companies are reviled for – were quashed by senior management. That’s when he founded his legacy company, Bender Benefits, on the core principle that providing benefits is a long game and when you put the clients first, everyone wins!


Barbara Maynard, Rick’s partner, is new as an insurance broker but her experience fighting for quality employee benefits is decades-long (and she comes from a family of insurance professionals!). She has spent the last 25+ years negotiating employee benefit contracts on behalf of California’s largest labor unions and she has seen first hand how manipulative many brokers in the employee and voluntary benefit spaces are, preying on both employers and hard-working employees. When she met Rick and his team at Bender Benefits – they shared a mutual client – it was immediately clear that his values were in alignment with hers and a partnership was formed.

Together, Rick Bender and Barbara Maynard are proud to introduce you to AveNew Solutions, LLC, and our benefits division, BENEFIX.

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